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We build products that help people thrive in the outdoors, specifically in the high heat enviroments by using technical fabrics.

Our Philosophy

We believe that one of the most noble things one can do is to create something truly great. Not just because it delights consumers, but more importantly, it inspires others to be great themselves. As a result, we believe our efforts have the potential to affect change – even if it’s just in a small way – for the better.


Built for challenging enviroments:
Salt, Heat, and Rain.

Lay Day

Made for when comfort and breathability take priority.

We celebrate greatness

We have an above average appreciation for things which are done well. This doesn’t only extend to products, but to individuals as well. That’s why we collaborate with people who have pushed their respective niches forward and share their story with the world.

Check out our podcast covering the BILLFISHER on YouTube!

Creation is at the core

We believe that individuals reach their full potential when they are creating, in all aspects. We’re always strategizing, optimizing, designing, implementing new processes, and having a blast doing so. In short: we are always creating.

Extending the Freedom to Create

With our custom gear program, we extend the freedom to create to you. We’ve learned that man’s best work is created through collaboration. That’s why we take pride in our custom gear program. Bring your vision to life by working together with one of our skilled designers to create comething truly unique!

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