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State of Sportfishing EP90 - Micheal & Christos

Michael Zammito and Christos Karplus two young fishermen out of Cape Cod going out for Bluefin Tuna on their small center Console boats.

State of Sportfishing EP89 - Austin Robins

Austin Robins, captain of 66 Spencer “Max Bet” which travels between Maryland and Costa Rica.

State of Sportfishing EP88 - Jens van der Lube

Merritt was recently struck bye lightning, commercial fishing of Jens his 39 Seavee.

State of Sportfishing EP87 - Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is based out of the east Coast of Australia, chasing giant Black Marlin.

State of Sportfishing EP86 - Micheal de Freitas

Micheal de Freitas on catching 22 Blues and 1 Sail out of Saint Lucia

State of Sportfishing EP84 - Tuscan in Mexico

Eduardo Maldonado, a self-taught 4th generation fisherman, Eduardo recently won the 2022 series, Vera Cruz Tournament!

State of Sportfishing EP83 - Inboards VS Outboards

Outboards vs Inboard engines, Tuna Silhouette below the hull, Aligning Shafts and more!

State of Sportfishing EP81 - Two Conchs Fishing Charters

how he started fishing to chartering to now having a massive fleet, that most could only dream of. Jack spends more than 300 days a year on the water and shows no sign of slowing down.

State of Sportfishing EP80 - Captain Ian Weber

On today's episode, we're joined by Captain Ian Weber, Captain of the 80' Viking Yacht 'Frigate' which is a part of the famous Carl Allen Fleet. Carl Allen recently purchased Walkers Cay, an island in the Bahamas which is famous for its world class fishery. You can listen to the Podcast with Carl here. On this episode, Ian shares his story about how he started working for Carl Allen, different trips he did and upgrading from a smaller 52' Viking to now running an 80 Viking Enclosed Bridge Yacht. Ian also talks a little about what the future is to come...

Winning $871,404 in the Mid Atlantic Fishing Tournament

On the latest episode of 'State of Sportfishing' , we sit down with Cody Puller from team 'Kaarmaa' out of Cape May, NJ who won the 2022 Mid Atlantic 500 Billfish Tournament. Cody is a dear friend of the company, so we can't be happier for him and his team on winning the tournament.  Cody is wearing our Teak Hooded Long Sleeve in midnight blue. Please enjoy the full episode below: You can also listen to the episode on the following locations: Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Walkers Cay

In this blog post Carl Allen, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about how Carl Allen got to achieve his dream of owning and repairing Walker Cay Island so that others in the sportfishing community can visit and experience what Walker Cay has too offer. We have added a short summary of a conversation we recently had with Carl Allen on our Podcast. “Carl Allen: I've been all over the world hunting and kind of stopped doing that when I retired and I just focused on fishing. When walkers came available, I got a chance to bring back to the sports fishing...

Tim Winters Take on Wooden VS Composite Hull

In this blog post Tim Winters, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about the Composite hulls & Wooden hulls and which one Tim Winters Truly prefers. We have added a summary of a conversation we recently had with Tim Winters on our Podcast.  “Anthony Pino: Tell us, are you a wooden guy or are you a full composite guy? We talked to John Floyd he is very adamant about the Woodhull and I got Duffy here & he is still very adamant about the Woodhull as well. What is your opinion on that? Or do you just do what the customer asks? Tim Winters: Well,...

Fishing The Tower

In this blog post Mark deCabia, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about fishing in the tower of the a Express sport fisher. Check out this brief recap of the full conversation, which you can listen to here: Podcast.  “Anthony Pino: Do you typically fish out of the tower? Mark deCabia: I've been fishing more on the tower lately. The problem is my tower is really small. That means that all my electronics are downstairs. I only have one radio upstairs so it's tricky. When I'm out fishing, I use mainly use my eyes to find fish however as technology continues...

Conservation Side of Billfish

In this blog post Peter Chaibongsai, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about harvesting billfish and the conservation side of things and what The Billfish Foundation does to make sure they don’t harvest too many and too little ones. If harvested, also get research done on them to get to know the billfish better. Peter Chaibongsai is the director of conservation program for The Billfish Foundation. We've added a short summary of a conversation we recently had with Peter Chaibongsai on our Podcast. “Peter Chaibongsai: The US recreational fleet allows 250 billfish to be landed every year. One year we...

The Evolution of Dredge Fishing for Sailfish

In this blog post VJ Bell, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about the change of dredge fishing in different times & in different places, how Anthony doesn’t pull dead bait dredges and how other guys only pull dead bait dredges. VJ Bell runs a boat in Stuart called the “Unbelievable”.VJ Bell grew up in Virginia, just south of Moshe city. He is a business steward, big game fishing, where he does some chartering when the owner is not using the boat. The boat is a 61 Ritchie Howell. We've added a short summary of a conversation we recently had with VJ Bell...

Sailfish Trolling on a Center Console

In this blog post Scott Fawcett, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about Center Console dead bait trolling and the difference that Two strokes & Four strokes make on an Outboard. Scott Faucet lives in Stuart, Florida. Right now he runs a 31 contender off the chain before that he ran a 54 Willis bone shaker for Joe. That was his primary tournament boat. Even before the Willis, he had a little 40 foot Whitaker that was named Boneshaker. We've added a short summary of a conversation we recently had with Scott on our Podcast.  "Anthony Pino: How was your...

Building a Tournament Team

In this Blog Post Nick Carullo & Anthony Pino talk about building a tournament team and how nick build the team he has now on the "Showtime". Nick Carullo: The "Showtime" is something that didn't even happen on the showtime for the first year. We had an incredible year. The guys that are a part of the Showtime are some guys that have fished with me for 10 years or more. Anthony Pino: Now, did you pick those guys? Did the team just naturally happen, or did you kind of figure it out as you went. Nick Carullo: With a...

Importance of a Dredge

Anthony Pino: I was wondering, you guys are pretty consistent at fishing. how much does the dredge play into it? You're catching so many fish in the grass and then, why would you even bother putting the dredge out there? Chase Neiderer: Personaly I don't think it matters. Like I get it. It's a tradition, you know? Everyone's like, oh yeah, you gotta have a dredge out there. The only difference I saw when we actually added a dredge out there is we'd see a couple of lazier fish on the Bridge teaser or the Cockpit teaser. Like I wonder...

Sailfishing spread on a small skiff

Matthew George: I think out of the hundred fish that we caught, 10 of them were dead bait. So, Dead bait trolling on a little eight, six beam or something. You just pull one big strip dredge down the middle, and we just prospect that dredge and you get your bites, but it's definitely not like the big boat that's for sure. We don’t even have those small outriggers, no outriggers, at all. So we'll pull the dredges just off a rod tip. I got a big Tarpon spinning rod that I use, I just pull it right off of...

5 questions with John Floyd, President of F&S Boatworks

5 questions with John Floyd, President of F&S Boatworks Q: Everyone's talking about getting lighter and going faster. What's your feeling about changing the whole construction instead of laying up wood to lay up other materials, let's say Coosa board or some kind of other, structural foam. Do you still think the ride will be the same? Will the boat noise be different? What are your thoughts on changing the hull material from wood to another material?  John Floyd: Well, this is a very important subject to me and I am a very firm believer in the superiority of cold...

Revolutionising the media stack

I've recently seen a change happen in the media landscape. In the past, businesses had to either get on TV or be featured in a magazine to get their message out. As a result of this, they were at the mercy of privately owned media companies that are inherently biased. With the growth of social media, companies can now go direct to consumer and communicate with directly with their customers. It's because of that, that we've seen a serious disruption in the industry.  Companies are now creating their own media publications and going direct to consumer, it allows us as...