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Luck vs. Hard Work: The Key to Success in Sportfishing Ft. Taylor Sanford

Taylor Sanford on the significance of staying ahead of the competition in fishing by having a comprehensive understanding of water conditions. They emphasize the importance of factors like chlorophyll levels and temperature changes in determining fish behavior. While recreational fishing may be satisfied with simply catching fish, being competitive in tournaments requires a deeper knowledge of the water and its characteristics. Taylor Stanford stress the need to closely monitor the water and its movements, as making a wrong move or heading in the wrong direction can be detrimental to success in fishing tournaments. They highlight the value of being at...

Permits, Licenses, and Epic Fishing Tales With Eric Leech

In this episode of the podcast, the host and guest, Eric Leach, delve into their shared passion for fishing and their experiences on boats. Eric fondly recalls his upbringing in Fort Lauderdale, where he spent countless hours fishing with his dad. They owned a variety of boats, including center consoles and flats boats, allowing them to explore different fishing styles. Eric's father's role as the president of IGFA (International Game Fish Association) opened doors for him, exposing him to fascinating fishing stories from around the world. Curious about Eric's fishing background, the host asks if he also enjoyed pier fishing....

Winning the White Marlin Open With Dave Waren

In this episode, the speaker, Captain Big Wave, shares his journey from being a bottom fishing mate on head boats to becoming a successful captain. He talks about starting in Daytona Beach and how his love for fishing began at a young age. He also discusses his time in college and a surf trip to Hatteras that led him to discover the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. Tune in to hear more about Captain Big Wave's career in sportfishing and the hard work that has paid off. Winning the White Marlin Open, Captain Big Wave was onboard the Floor Real when...

The Changing Landscape of the Charter Boat Industry: Insights from Marty

In this episode, the speaker discusses the importance of building relationships with other captains in the industry. They emphasize that while there are good people out there who can offer support and collaboration, there are also cutthroat captains who may not reciprocate. The speaker advises caution in interactions with other captains, highlighting the need to be mindful of what is said and to avoid self-sabotage. They stress the importance of discerning between the good and the bad captains. The speaker acknowledges that while some captains do reciprocate support, it is not guaranteed. Finding the right people to build relationships with...

From Childhood to Boatbuilding: Ryan Higgins' Journey

The company mentioned in the episode is dedicated to continuously improving their models based on feedback from previous designs. They take the positive aspects from previous models and incorporate them into new designs, while also addressing any identified negatives. This iterative process allows them to consistently enhance their models, ensuring that each new design surpasses the previous one. The company also values customer feedback and takes it into consideration when making design decisions. They recognize that customers often have ideas and suggestions for minor tweaks to the layout, and they appreciate and incorporate this input. This commitment to continuous improvement...

Changing Times and Technology in the Fishing Industry

The podcast episode emphasizes the importance of having fun and enjoying the experience of being on a boat and fishing. Many boat owners may not have a lot of knowledge or experience in fishing, but they still love being out on the water and having a good time. They mention that these owners are willing to reel in anything they catch, regardless of its size or species. Furthermore, the speakers highlight the significance of the overall experience and enjoyment of fishing, rather than just focusing on catching the biggest or most impressive fish. They mention instances where they have fished...

"From Fishing to AI: Exploring the Full Spectrum of a Fisherman's Journey" Ft. Josh Jorgensen

  We are joined by Josh Jorgensen from BlacktipH. He originally uploaded his first video in 2006 on a different channel because people didn't believe he caught a shark from the coast in Canada. His name BlacktipH came about because they started calling him the Blacktip Hunter, as that is something he loved doing. From there, his love for saltwater fishing grew. Josh attributes his success to his understanding of algorithms and their ability to be used to his advantage. He possesses a unique perspective compared to other fishermen due to his programming background. According to him, this understanding enables...

Sea With Katie

The State of Sportfishing Podcast features James LaGrone hosting Nicole and Katie as they talk about their love for fishing, specifically billfish. Nicole shares how she got into fishing in high school and fell in love with it after catching her first swordfish, which led her to keep a log of everything from currents to locations to baits. She also mentions trading babysitting services for sword baits with a family friend. Katie left everything to move to Costa Rica and work on the same boat as her husband to learn everything about billfishing and mating, and says it's been the...

Tye Lalik

In this episode, Tye Malik emphasizes the importance of persistence and dedication toward achieving one's goals. He advises listeners to stick with their chosen path and cater everything towards their end goal. Tye notes that even small actions, such as being respectful and putting in hard work, can make a difference in achieving one's goals. He also highlights the significance of networking and being aware of opportunities, which can lead to unexpected job offers and connections in the industry. Although everyone's path is different, Tye Lalik stresses the importance of staying focused and dedicated to achieving one's goals. The importance of...

Walker's Cay Island Ft. Carl Allen

In today's Podcast we are joined by Carl Allen, Carl Allen was born in Rochester, NY, and received a degree in business. After college, Mr. Allen began working for Heritage Bag Company in a production capacity. Throughout his career he worked in nearly every department within the company, eventually becoming President/CEO. In 2005, Mr. Allen acquired Heritage Bag Company. He sold the company in 2017. The Allens purchased the Walker Cay island in 2018 a started the rebirth of the legendary fishing resort Walker Cay known by fishermen worldwide as the premier deep sea fishing location. The island was wiped...

World Tour Fishing Bad Company

In this episode of the State of Sportfishing podcast, Leo is joined by the legendary team, Bad Company. They hold the record for the most billfish releases in one day, with 330 and 303 respectively. Leo catches up with them almost a year after their last podcast and asks about their fishing world tour. The team talks about their travels in different hemispheres and oceans and their recent move from Brazil to Cape Verde. They share their experiences and surprises along the way.  Please enjoy the full episode below: You can also listen to the episode on the following locations: Youtube, Spotify,...

Marlin fishing from Trailer Boats in Australia Ft. Al McGlashan

Catching all sorts of Marlin out of the Sydney Harbor to name Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Spearfish, and Sailfish. How close you can fish in Australia without running far basically being able to wave at the shore, catching massive fish from just a small trailer boat without a hassle is how it's done.

Billfisher - Third Generation Hooded Long Sleeve

Intro - our philosophy  We like to think that in 2022 Billfish was reborn. We made a bunch of operational improvements, but more importantly we figured out who we are. We figured out that we want to be the best in the world at creating the lightest performance gear in the world and in doing so, show others what can be accomplished when a small group of dedicated people get together on a common mission to create revolutionizing products. We developed a product roadmap to achieve this goal. Last year we embarked on Step 1 of that plan with the...

Isla Mujeres With Anthony Mendillo

Isla Mujeres with Captain Anthony running The Keen M and the IGFA’s international representative to the Yucatan Peninsula region

South Carolina Blue Marlin Invitational Tournament

Chuck Moore is trying to bring some attention to the South Carolina Blue Marlin Invitational Tournament

Mark Deblasio in Cape Code and North Carolina

Numerous victories and achievements for Mark DeBlasio in local events, the Mid-Atlantic 500, and the White Marlin Open

Qualified Captain Ft. Aaron Stasiak

Everybody has seen the videos of the cars backing up and going into the water.

Jarrett Bay "WATERTIGHT" Sportfishing

Their Jarrett bay is called "WATERTIGHT", a family-owned roofing company.

"Jaruco's" Captain James Brown

Today James Brown joins us on the podcast, James Brown is the Captain of the "Jaruco" a 90ft Jarrett Bay.

Artist and Angler Ft. Carey Chen

Carey Chen he is an Artist and Angler fishing and draws around the world, chances are you have seen his work. Carey doesn't just draw he is also active in the cockpit trying to catch some Marlin.

Obsessed with fishing Team "Puravida"

"Pura Vida" hasn't been doing it for long but has been crushing tournament after tournament, seconds Bisbee's Release, Dorado in the rockstar, and winning daily in Costa Rica

Sailfish Challenge With JC Cleare

JC Cleare caught a six-banger at the beginning of the day, which put him in the lead of the tournament

Our First Live Event

For the 100th Episode of the State of Sportfishing, we held a live podcast at the Miami Boat show with two Miami Legends which we already have had on the podcast Art Sap & Quinten Dieterle.

Billfish Reports EP99 Ft. Hook Harmeling

Black Marlin in the Atlantic, and Mediterranean oceans Hook Harmeling the man behind Billfish Reports received these reports.

State of Sportfishing EP98 - Bryan & Taylor Seabros

Seabros understand how dangerous darting a Giant fish can be, without putting a charter guest in any sort of danger!!

State of Sportfishing EP97

Nick is on the new Frontrunner and the Sailfish season, and Anthony getting back to Leg Two inLos Sueños Costa Rica.

State of Sportfishing EP96 - Marco Bonaiuto

Marco Bonaiuto is the Co-founder of Boat Buddies, and has a full-time job with Nautical Networks.

State of Sportfishing EP95 - Capt. Dom Petrarca

Captain Dom Petrarca has been focused on a specific Blue fin tuna fishery for over 18 years, he's boarded a 700-pound of Bluefin tuna, and released a Mola Mola hooked on a lure.

State of Sportfishing EP94 - John LaGrone

John LaGrone Releasing a Double header Blue and the next day Quad Sails in the Triple Crown Los Sueños, Costa Rica tournament

State of Sportfishing EP93 - James David

Quad Blue Marlins going up to the knot with James David

Billfish Live Podcast Event in Miami!

We're bringing the sportfishing community together - we're doing a live podcast in the birthplace of our brand, Miami FL on February 16th! Hosts Nick Carullo and Anthony Pino are going to be joined by Quinton Dieterle and Art Sapp. I grew up reading articles about these guys so having them at our Live Event is beyond exciting! Art Sapp is one of the OG's in the south Florida fishing scene, basically pioneering the center console fishing platform with his topless Sea Vee boats! Quinton has won countless tournaments as the captain of the "Get Lit" and now runs the...

State of Sportfishing EP90 - Micheal & Christos

Michael Zammito and Christos Karplus two young fishermen out of Cape Cod going out for Bluefin Tuna on their small center Console boats.

State of Sportfishing EP89 - Austin Robins

Austin Robins, captain of 66 Spencer “Max Bet” which travels between Maryland and Costa Rica.

State of Sportfishing EP88 - Jens van der Lube

Merritt was recently struck bye lightning, commercial fishing of Jens his 39 Seavee.

State of Sportfishing EP87 - Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is based out of the east Coast of Australia, chasing giant Black Marlin.

State of Sportfishing EP86 - Micheal de Freitas

Micheal de Freitas on catching 22 Blues and 1 Sail out of Saint Lucia

State of Sportfishing EP84 - Tuscan in Mexico

Eduardo Maldonado, a self-taught 4th generation fisherman, Eduardo recently won the 2022 series, Vera Cruz Tournament!

State of Sportfishing EP83 - Inboards VS Outboards

Outboards vs Inboard engines, Tuna Silhouette below the hull, Aligning Shafts and more!

State of Sportfishing EP81 - Two Conchs Fishing Charters

how he started fishing to chartering to now having a massive fleet, that most could only dream of. Jack spends more than 300 days a year on the water and shows no sign of slowing down.

State of Sportfishing EP80 - Captain Ian Weber

On today's episode, we're joined by Captain Ian Weber, Captain of the 80' Viking Yacht 'Frigate' which is a part of the famous Carl Allen Fleet. Carl Allen recently purchased Walkers Cay, an island in the Bahamas which is famous for its world class fishery. You can listen to the Podcast with Carl here. On this episode, Ian shares his story about how he started working for Carl Allen, different trips he did and upgrading from a smaller 52' Viking to now running an 80 Viking Enclosed Bridge Yacht. Ian also talks a little about what the future is to come...

Winning $871,404 in the Mid Atlantic Fishing Tournament

On the latest episode of 'State of Sportfishing' , we sit down with Cody Puller from team 'Kaarmaa' out of Cape May, NJ who won the 2022 Mid Atlantic 500 Billfish Tournament. Cody is a dear friend of the company, so we can't be happier for him and his team on winning the tournament.  Cody is wearing our Teak Hooded Long Sleeve in midnight blue. Please enjoy the full episode below: You can also listen to the episode on the following locations: Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Walkers Cay

In this blog post Carl Allen, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about how Carl Allen got to achieve his dream of owning and repairing Walker Cay Island so that others in the sportfishing community can visit and experience what Walker Cay has too offer. We have added a short summary of a conversation we recently had with Carl Allen on our Podcast. “Carl Allen: I've been all over the world hunting and kind of stopped doing that when I retired and I just focused on fishing. When walkers came available, I got a chance to bring back to the sports fishing...

Tim Winters Take on Wooden VS Composite Hull

In this blog post Tim Winters, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about the Composite hulls & Wooden hulls and which one Tim Winters Truly prefers. We have added a summary of a conversation we recently had with Tim Winters on our Podcast.  “Anthony Pino: Tell us, are you a wooden guy or are you a full composite guy? We talked to John Floyd he is very adamant about the Woodhull and I got Duffy here & he is still very adamant about the Woodhull as well. What is your opinion on that? Or do you just do what the customer asks? Tim Winters: Well,...

Fishing The Tower

In this blog post Mark deCabia, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about fishing in the tower of the a Express sport fisher. Check out this brief recap of the full conversation, which you can listen to here: Podcast.  “Anthony Pino: Do you typically fish out of the tower? Mark deCabia: I've been fishing more on the tower lately. The problem is my tower is really small. That means that all my electronics are downstairs. I only have one radio upstairs so it's tricky. When I'm out fishing, I use mainly use my eyes to find fish however as technology continues...

Conservation Side of Billfish

In this blog post Peter Chaibongsai, Anthony Pino & Nick Carullo Talk about harvesting billfish and the conservation side of things and what The Billfish Foundation does to make sure they don’t harvest too many and too little ones. If harvested, also get research done on them to get to know the billfish better. Peter Chaibongsai is the director of conservation program for The Billfish Foundation. We've added a short summary of a conversation we recently had with Peter Chaibongsai on our Podcast. “Peter Chaibongsai: The US recreational fleet allows 250 billfish to be landed every year. One year we...