Lessons Learned and Life Changes in the Fishing World

>In this episode, the speaker discusses the significance of supporting others in the industry and avoiding backstabbing behavior. They emphasize that not everyone in the industry is out to harm or undermine others. Instead, they stress the importance of fostering a supportive environment where people lend a helping hand whenever possible. The speaker expresses frustration with the presence of backstabbers and haters in the industry who may pretend to be friendly but speak negatively behind others' backs. They emphasize the value of authenticity and support in creating a positive industry atmosphere. Additionally, the speaker highlights the importance of having a cohesive and enjoyable team. They describe their crew members and bosses as "awesome" and emphasize the strong bond they share, comparing it to a family. The speaker mentions that they have been fishing together for several years, which has contributed to their successful teamwork. They also emphasize the positive impact of surrounding oneself with fun and supportive individuals, especially during long work hours. They conclude by expressing gratitude for their positive work environment and emphasizing the crucial role of a good team. The episode also delves into the negative impact of social media and the need for caution in online interactions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being mindful of one's online presence and refraining from engaging in conflicts. They acknowledge that this is particularly crucial on professional platforms used for business purposes. Drawing from personal experiences, the speaker shares the negative consequences they have faced as a result of speaking out on social media, leading them to learn the importance of avoiding online arguments. Furthermore, the speaker emphasizes the need to be selective in choosing the content one follows on social media. They acknowledge that while some individuals provide valuable and engaging content, others may post inappropriate or poorly executed material. As a result, the speaker has become more discerning in their social media consumption, choosing to follow only those who offer valuable content. Overall, this episode underscores the importance of caution and discretion when using social media. The speaker's personal experiences and observations serve as a reminder of the potential negative consequences of online discussions, while also highlighting the significance of being mindful of the content one consumes and shares.
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