Our First Live Event

For the 100th Episode of the State of Sportfishing, we held a live podcast at the Miami Boat show with two Miami Legends which we already have had on the podcast Art Sap & Quinten Dieterle. Today Anthony asks questions to start the Miami guys at Miami. Some topics they discussed are what the guys think of the new fishing technology, Fishing next to each other in tournaments, Stories on Tournaments, and the sharks, and a Q&A live from the audience to the guests and hosts. 

What do the Miami guys think of all the new technology brought to fishing, good or bad? They are good in the sense they help you find fish quicker and with less effort, but Art Sapp and Quinton D both agreed that they prefer fishing back when there was less technology for fishing where you had to really see the fish and the color of the water, and think to yourself around where you're gone fish, not with some coordinate from your GPS.

Is there a line of how close a boat fishes to another in a tournament? Nick and Quinten both have fished head-to-head next to each other in tournaments, they have both agreed that it's okay to fish next to another boat as long as you don't get pissed when they do it to you but if you're in last place and you come in-between the two top boats trying to take their fish when there is no chance of coming back then its something different. Art on the other hand likes to fish outside of the cloud he likes to find his own pack of fish outside of all the chaos between the other boats.

Please enjoy the full episode below:

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