Hells Bells Fishing Team - State of Sportfishing EP114

In today's podcast, we are joined by Mike Bell and team Hells Bells. Running a 33 Frontrunner Catching everything from Kingfish and Wahoo to Swordfish and Marlin. Recently winning a Wahoo Tournament rocking some Billfish Custom gear. Listen or watch the whole podcast to hear about the massive 113-Pounder on a 20-Pound test or the 900-Pound+ Marlin that broke their rod.

Winning a Wahoo tournament where you can fish 3 days in a 50-day range catching nothing the first day they go out, to catching some decent wahoo on day two, the third day getting the fish they need weighed at 113-pounds beating the previous 111-pound wahoo. Not only catching a 113-pound fish but catching it on a 20-pound test line is something special and an unforgettable memory.

Please enjoy the full episode below:

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