State of Sportfishing EP86 - Micheal de Freitas

Today we’re joined by Micheal de Freitas, captain of the Magic Lady a 60ft Viking based out of Trinidad. Located in the Caribbean. We've recently seen Micheal catch over 20 billfish out of Saint Lucia, and we wanted to bring him on to talk about his, crew where he usually fishes, and what he was doing to catch double-digits of marlins.

Recently Micheal went on a crazy trip in Saint Lucia catching a total of 106 blue marlin, 3 white marlin, 6 sailfish, and 1 spearfish in the duration of 7 days of fishing. On their first day, they caught 7 out of 8 blues, and on their best, they went 22 out of 29 on blues and 1 Sail. Micheal had to maneuver through all the commercial boats, sometimes having to drop off an angler on the commercial boats to be able to catch the fish and not completely tangle up.

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