State of Sportfishing EP90 - Micheal & Christos

Today we are joined by Michael Zammito and Christos Karplus two young fishermen out of Cape Cod going out for Bluefin Tuna on their small center Console boats, fighting a blue Finn and being 20 feet away from a different boat. Micheal & Christos talk about fishery sustainability and how they started.

Micheal recently invested in a larger center console to be able to run more comfortable charters and take guests to be able to experience the magical moment of fighting a giant and maybe even get to kill a giant Blue Finn tuna if it's the right size. When Micheal isn't Charter fishing you'll find him charter fishing for Blue Finn or Sea Bass.

Christus doesn't fish for Blue Finn full time as he does have a job on an oil rig in different locations around the United States, but he fishes as much as he can with charter or commercial when he is not on the rig. where he sometimes sees Blue Finn or just the crazy see life around the rig which makes him want to trailer the boat down to California to try that out together with Michael.

Please enjoy the full episode below:

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