State of Sportfishing EP97

Today Nick & Anthony, talk about how the tournament season is going for nick, and how he's liking the New frontrunner boat he is running in Florida, Anthony talks about his performance in Leg One of Costa Rica, and that he is ready to get back out there for the next. 

Nick has been running a new frontrunner boat with quad 400 mercury this season, he's really been enjoying the performance and speed of the boat. But sadly enough the sailfish season hasn't been its best, the sailfish haven't completely shown up it looks like they are late and really inconsistent, Nick caught 6 out of 7 sailfish in a half-day trip were he took the guys from Frontrunner out and then the next day he went a full day just seeing 1 sailfish around the same area.

Anthony is the sonar guy for a sport fisher in Costa Rica they didn't do the best for Leg One they caught some, but not enough to put them on the board as we are speaking right now Anthony is back in Costa Rica as the sonar guy for Leg Two trying to get some better results. Anthony also has a little booth down in Los Sueños as their Company Hook Optics is sponsoring the Los Sueños Triple Crown Tournament

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