Tye Lalik

In this episode, Tye Malik emphasizes the importance of persistence and dedication toward achieving one's goals. He advises listeners to stick with their chosen path and cater everything towards their end goal. Tye notes that even small actions, such as being respectful and putting in hard work, can make a difference in achieving one's goals. He also highlights the significance of networking and being aware of opportunities, which can lead to unexpected job offers and connections in the industry. Although everyone's path is different, Tye Lalik stresses the importance of staying focused and dedicated to achieving one's goals.

The importance of putting in extra time and effort in the boating industry. They note that when someone puts in extra time and stays late to clean the boat or do other tasks, it's all noticed especially in areas where many people are affiliated with sportfishing and boating. 

Tye Lalik is really putting in the work to be able to achieve his dream of owning either a Bayliss or Spencer with his younger brother, going fishing in the summers with his boss, and returning straight back to university to complete his year and fishing any of time he get's 

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