Changing Times and Technology in the Fishing Industry

The podcast episode emphasizes the importance of having fun and enjoying the experience of being on a boat and fishing. Many boat owners may not have a lot of knowledge or experience in fishing, but they still love being out on the water and having a good time. They mention that these owners are willing to reel in anything they catch, regardless of its size or species.

Furthermore, the speakers highlight the significance of the overall experience and enjoyment of fishing, rather than just focusing on catching the biggest or most impressive fish. They mention instances where they have fished in tournaments with owners who were not physically able to hold a fishing rod or participate actively in the competition. However, these owners still loved being a part of the tournament atmosphere and supported their teams from the boat. The speakers express their understanding and appreciation for the owners' enthusiasm and emphasize that fishing is not solely about catching fish, but also about the enjoyment of being on the water and participating in the fishing community.

Additionally, the speakers discuss various fishing tournaments and events that are known for their lively and energetic atmospheres. They mention the Hookup Bar, a popular spot for celebration and socializing after a tournament, as well as the Pescador tournament, which they describe as a lively and enjoyable event. These mentions further highlight the emphasis on having fun and celebrating the fishing experience in the podcast episode.

In the episode, the speakers discuss the importance of crew members and captains recognizing that they are doing their job for the owners of the boats. They emphasize that the owners are the ones who make it all happen for the crew and support their livelihood. The owners provide the financial resources for the crew to participate in tournaments and competitions. Despite the crew winning money in tournaments, it is mentioned that the winnings are often rolled back into the next tournament and are not enough to come out ahead financially. The crew members and captains should appreciate the owners' support and not lose focus on the fact that they are working for them. Sometimes crew members complain about simple things on their boats, but they should remember that their owners have provided them with the opportunity to be in the position of running the boat. The speakers also mention that there has been an influx of new programs and teams, and it is important for everyone to remember the role of the owners amidst these changes. Overall, the episode emphasizes the need for crew members and captains to appreciate and acknowledge the support they receive from the owners.

According to the podcast transcript, there is a discussion about the influx of new programs and teams in the fishing industry. The speakers mention that the economy is great and many people are buying boats, which has led to the emergence of numerous new programs. However, they express concerns about the impact of these new programs on the true purpose of fishing. They suggest that sometimes the crew and captains lose focus on what fishing is really about, which is for the owners' fun.

The speakers argue that there is a need for everyone to get along and not come in with the mindset of wanting to outperform others. They compare the fishing industry to sports, such as the Bulls and the Lakers, where performance goes through peaks and valleys and nobody can be the best forever. They emphasize that there are many skilled fishermen out there and that it is important to remember the enjoyment and fun of fishing rather than solely focusing on competition and winning.

Overall, the discussion suggests that the influx of new programs and teams in the fishing industry may be contributing to a loss of focus on the true purpose of fishing, which is to provide enjoyment and fun for the owners.

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